Ok Save A Dog

Ok Save A Dog
Rt 2 Box 52
Prague Ok 74864
Phone: 405 567 0000

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One comment on “Ok Save A Dog
  1. My yorkie group on facebook came across a lady by the name of Pollie Burk she has 3 dogs for sale on puppy find that are clearly sick and in need of help We do not know who to report this to this lady is from Wilson OK She has 2 yorkie adults and a little chihuahua pup they all look sick 580-668-3324 is her # I was hoping you could look at the dogs and see if you can not get them from her or tell someone who can help these dogs. I can sen you the link. the above link go to the one in the worst shape if you look on that and see no info on click the back button and you will see it click on all listing and you will see the 3 dogs. If some can talk her into surrendering her dogs can your organization go get them?
    thank you
    Vicky Rayburn

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