Out West Pet Rescue

Out West Pet Rescue
Brandi Renollet/Amber David
424 Wine Country RD, Suite 5
Prosser WA 99350
Phone: 509-832-3060

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One comment on “Out West Pet Rescue
  1. Sassy LaNae says:

    I’m looking for a small furry apartment puppy or dog to rescue. My lil ones become a part of me and my family. We love dogs. I have had a Maltese about 10#. She was so smart friendly and loving. I’ve owned a male 3# Morkie who loved the kids when they were little. I’ve had a 4# Yorkshire female. I’ve adopted a lil mutt. I don’t care if papered, or a purebred. I’m not fond of mean dogs. I always kept them socialized so they wouldn’t be nervous and snippy. I’m not fond of short hair dogs. Truly I just want to spoil a small dog. I talk to my dogs, they go with me to the park and on walks and to visit family and friends.

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