Pet Matchmaker

Pet Matchmaker
Danielle Pistoni
94 Railroad Avenue
Harrisville RI 02830

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  1. Lauren Whittaker says:

    My mother will be moving into my sister’s house in Rhode Island this week. She had a stroke about 8 years ago and was in a nursing home in NY for the last year. My sister was able to “rescue” her from an uncaring relative’s oversight and moved her to a rehab facility near her home last month. Mom LOVES dogs and has not had one for several years now. In this facility (Scallop Shell near Saunderstown), a few people brought small dogs in to visit with the patients and Mom was the happiest we’d seen her in a LONG time! AFTER things get settled (about a month?) my sister would love to find a small, house-trained dog to keep my mother company. The dogs that came to visit were peek-a-poos, which are perfect. She would love to have it sit on her lap and pet it — she is in a wheelchair and doesn’t have use of her dominant hand. My sister currently has an older Springer Spaniel at her house. Is there a chance that you know of a dog that may be a good match for my Mom and sister? Again, it would not be for right now — Mom is still at rehab and won’t be moving into my sister’s until the end of this week. Just reaching out to see what possible options there may be….

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